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ABBA DABBA DOO has been delighting fans of the Swedish disco/rock group since 2016. 


The band is Southern California-based, and  has performed their act in the US and Europe.


Lead singers Julija Zonic and Sanya Mateyas grew up together in Croatia and were performing together since they were teenagers on stage and television in Europe. They both ended up in the US with different entertainment trajectories, Sanya as a singer and actress in Los Angeles and Julija as a singer with a touring musical and now as a partner in Smitty and Julija.


ABBA DABBA DOO brought them to the stage again together again, where they front a backup band headed by Smitty West and Corey Highberg.


Both Smitty and Julija have also performed and directed productions of the ABBA musical stage show Mamma Mia to 17 sold-out audiences at the Ojai Arts Center Theater as vocal directors and Smitty acting and performing as Bill Austin.

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