Vlada and Natasha
Fundraiser for Ukrainian Refugees 


These women have escaped war-torn Ukraine, leaving husband and son behind. We are hosting them at our home in Ojai. They escaped the Kyiv area in March and got themselves to Warsaw, and from there caught a flight to LAX. They arrived with just a suitcase. Money can buy much of what they need now…food, clothing, phone and internet service. They are here legally, on the tail end of a US Visa that expires soon.

There is no program for Ukrainian refugees yet in the US, so they also need immigration help and health care if you can offer these services. Mostly, they are traumatized by the war, and need little things we might take for granted. So if you cannot give much $$$, consider a gift of service. Just let Smitty or Julija know. Love your neighbor!


Special thanks to Stephen Adams for photography.